Thursday, August 14, 2008

...with a chance of scattered tornadoes

What's with our weather lately? Even my other half, a born and bred Kansan, is impressed with the thunderstorms we've been getting. Earlier this evening, while I was still at work, we had pouring rain, countless bolts of lightning and hail! Yes, hail! This is Long Island, not Kansas or Oklahoma! Not that we don't occasionally get such storms, but this has happened a number of times in the past couple of weeks.

Today's storms were especially intense. I wasn't in a position to save a shot of the weather radar picture when it was coming down, but here's one from a little while ago...

See the storms off the south shore? All of those pretty colors? That's what rolled through.

Traffic lights were blown out, streets were flooded, and we came home to find our phone service fried. But the lights are on, and that matters a lot more than the phone!

On a happier note, Marc has fired up the new ice cream freezer. He had a little ice cream maker, but it had serious flaws. Aside from being small, it worked by putting the mixture into a bucket that was in the freezer before use. The result was always a soft ice cream in the center and a rock-hard layer stuck to the sides.

This new machine is much larger and works the traditional way. That is, the mix goes into a metal container with paddles inside it. Outside, there is a mixture of ice and rock salt. Let me tell you, this thing is LOUD. Still, Marc assures me it will do a wonderful job.

Oy vey. He just stopped it and is doing a pleased-sounding evil scientist laugh, so I guess things went well. One good thing, from my perspective, is that he made low-carb ice cream, so I can have some without screwing up my diet. Isn't he good?

Mmmm. I just took a blogging break (could you tell?), so I could go try some. Yummy! And it did make a lot more than the little ice cream maker. Most of it went into the freezer for enjoying later and tomorrow and the day after (yes, it makes a lot).

I hope the weather is good where you are and that someone is making yummy ice cream for you, too!


Greg said...

I bet it'd be fun to experiment with different flavors once you've perfected the ice cream making. I'm picturing a lavendar or rose flavored ice cream, naturally.

The storms this summer have been crazy. There've been SEVERAL reports of waterspouts forming recently...both in Boston harbor and Narragansett Bay this past week.

Hope you're enjoying some nice low-fat, low carb ice cream!!

Dantallion said...

We've been having the same bizarre weather up here as well - pretty much all summer.

Enjoy your ice cream!