Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lots of driving and lots of food

Today was On the Bay, a charity event we helped sponsor. We had a long drive to get to the location out in the Hamptons. The event was okay. Not as good as last year's, but okay. The main thing is that we had good friends with us. Jeff came out to stay with us last night, and Michael and Anthony joined us today. So the five of us went to the event.

After On the Bay, we went to Smokin' Al's, our favorite barbecue restaurant. Having Michael, a born and bred Kentucky boy, along with us made me wonder what the verdict would be. We always loved the place, but Michael would bring a different point of view. Happily, he was pleased with his food.

After Smokin' Al's, we came back to the house, and Marc, with Jeff's assistance, began making cherry pie ice cream. Not cherry ice cream. Cherry pie ice cream! The difference is that he makes a graham cracker crust and puts pieces in the final product. Made from scratch, this is amazing stuff! Not good for anyone's diet, but it's so worth the cheat!

Anthony has to work in the morning, so he and Michael had to head home this evening. However, Jeff is staying over. I, for one, am hoping that he, Marc and I will have a relaxing day tomorrow! I'm tired! ;)


Matt said...

I'm glad to hear you guys had a good time together. So, where did everyone crash?

BTW...The cherry pie ice cream that Marc and Jeff made sounds awesome. I could so eat some right now.

Michael Vernon said...

Quite clearly, the company we kept made the day! (Including Mandy and Bernice and, uhm, the third one's name escapes me...) However, the food, most especially Bokey's ice cream was either, a) heavenly; or, b) sinful! *sigh*