Monday, August 04, 2008

So much for change

Barack Obama has given me cause for concern, taking politically expedient positions more conservative than I thought he would. Now comes this:

Obama Calls for Tapping of Oil Stockpiles

Anything else, Barack? Be sure to give in to every politically popular whim! Clearly, he's adopting that old political philosophy, "You want it, you got it!"

I'll vote for him (what's the alternative?), but I'll clearly need anti-nausea medication, just like so many times in the past.


Dantallion said...

Hopefully he's just posturing, and that once elected, policies will fall back into place...

Matt said...

It's disappointing and confusing when candidates change their stance on certain important issues. Hopefully he'll come back around to his origional position and stop flip-flopping to the wants of others, and refocus on what's best for our nation as a whole.

thom said...

I hear you, Jess. I've become very concerned with his positions on FISA, faith-based programs, oil drilling and this, among others. I had donated several times during the primary, and encouraged my friends and family to support his candidacy, but after his horrible vote on FISA gutting the fourth amendment as the last straw in a line of truly awful statements and actions, I took my name off his mailing list, and sent his campaign a letter telling them I would donate no more money or time. They sent no reply, of course.

I no longer believe that an Obama presidency will be a good thing for democracy, liberalism or the rule of law, but, like you, I feel that I have no choice but to hold my nose and vote for him, as a McCain presidency surely would be even worse.