Friday, August 22, 2008


Courtesy of the ONION:

Bush Told To Sign Birthday Treaty For Someone Named 'Kyoto'

WASHINGTON—Enlisted by members of the House and Senate, presidential aide Rebecca Tandy brought a copy of the international climate-change treaty to President Bush's desk Monday and asked him to sign a birthday document for a Japanese dignitary named "Kyoto Protocol." "Mr. Protocol really likes treaties, so we got him this treaty instead of a card, so if you could just—all the other countries have already signed it," a nervous Tandy reportedly said to Bush, who quickly scrawled his signature on the treaty and told her to tell Kyoto he said "hi." "And now, if you could just initial here, and here, and here, and, oh, you can ignore all that stuff about sulfides. That's just an inside joke." House Speaker Nancy Pelosi later attempted to get Bush to sign a "bar mitzvah stop-use agreement" for the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Clusterbomb.

If only someone had thought of this 7 or so years ago!


kurt said...

hey jess, i would love to meet you.. we will be in boston but nowhere near new york, we aren't renting a car.. maybe another time we can meet. are you planning any trips to atlanta/georgia anytime soon?

Jess said...

Kurt: Yup, we get down there on occasion (check your e-mail... I sent a note). :)

ATG said...


It probably could have really worked, too. :)