Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Too bad Patsy didn't live to see it

News came today of the arrest of a suspect in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. As I'm sure everyone remembers, the parents were suspected by many. Bad enough to lose a child--and so brutally--but to have people blaming you must be a special kind of torture.

Yes, having dressed her up, put makeup on her and entered her in "Who's the prettiest six-year-old hooker?" contests didn't help. The whole situation seemed odd. Still, in recent years, I read newspaper reports that said authorities were confident that the family wasn't involved, and now we're learning of the arrest of a "41-year-old elementary-school teacher."

My first reaction was that it was terrible that the victim's mother didn't live to see the arrest, but I feel a bit better, since the article says that she was kept in the loop and knew they were closing in on a suspect before her death in June of cancer.

Hopefully, mother and daughter are in a better place and are somewhat more at peace, now that an arrest has been made.

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