Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Rain in Maine

Come to think of it, let's start with the rain in New York. The weather as we left for our weekend up north foreshadowed much of the trip. Fortunately, it wasn't quite as bad as when we first left, but it wasn't exactly a dry weekend either.

Even Mildred (that's our navigation system's name) wasn't thrilled to be out in this!

Yes, the wipers are going. It was coming down that fast!

The view from a gas station where we stopped to fill up.

And a shot after we pulled away from the gas station.

Fortunately, that didn't continue for too long (or we would have needed an ark!). Since we weren't in a rush, we had time for a small detour. We stopped in Bethel, CT, for one of the best hamburgers around. By the way, Greg tells me that Bethel isn't pronounced beth-el. Rather, it's something like bethull or bethl. That second e isn't accented. Just in case you want to know!

Anyhow, if you're ever in the area, the burgers at the Sycamore drive-in are fabulous.

We didn't get car hop service. Instead, we went inside and ate at a table. Just as well. When I sit in the driver's seat too long, things start to hurt!

We both had Dagwood Burgers. Despite the name, they're not huge. Nevertheless, they are fabulous!

Next stop, Ogunquit!

Okay, here's a sneak preview. This is where we stayed.


Patrick said... that actually sunshine in that last photo???

Jess said...

Just a tease by the sun, as you well know! :)

Dantallion said...

Mildred? Please tell me that that's YOUR name for the Nav system, and not the manufacturers

Jess said...

Dan: yes, Mildred is our name for the nav system. :)

Greg said...

Curb service? Car hop service? Those are alien terms here in So. Cal. It would be fun to check 'em out, though.