Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Let's dive right in

We got to Ogunquit Friday evening. Patrick and Greg hadn't arrived yet, so we checked in and then went to find something for dinner. A nearby restaurant called the Blue Water Inn provided a wonderful seafood dinner (and what else were we going to eat in coastal Maine?).

Later that night, Patrick and Greg arrived. By the time they arrived, all we (or they) could do was sleep. So things really got started the next morning. In addition to Patrick and Greg, Chris and Jimmy arrived. They were lovely, and we hit it off from the start.

Time for breakfast...

We went to Bessie's, a local restaurant that offered a decent breakfast and allowed us time to linger and chat.




Patrick's camera playing dead. It liked to do that, and that mini-tripod was a real attention-getter.

You'll have to wait for future posts for photos of me, Marc and Patrick.

Walking back, we passed the Front Porch, a local piano bar. For New Yorkers, think "Marie's Crisis," or so I'm told. I never went inside. We discussed going there the last night, but there was no parking, and the rain was enough to dissuade me from walking there!

To me, this looked like the way to get around. $1.50 to go just about anywhere in town. No parking hassles at all!

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Tuna Girl said...

I've always wanted to go to Ogunquit. Word is that it's a good place for gay-friendly families.