Sunday, August 20, 2006

A few Dodger shots

Yes, I'm posting dog photos again. Deal with it! :)

WHAT IS THAT? Another blurry Bigfoot photo? No! Something more terrifying! The legendary Dodgefoot!

Daddy Marc, can you get Daddy Jess to leave me alone? He's using that flash thing on me again!

Please, Daddy Marc! I'm right here by your leg. Save me from the camera!

Fine! I'll pose for one photo!

I said ONE photo. That's it! I'm done! Go away!

(Yes, I'm turning into one of those people who invents lines for his pets. I'm ready for my semi-insane old age!) :)


Wayne said...


Greg said...

I agree with wayne: very cute!

Jess said...

Careful. Dodger reads my blog, and comments like that go right to his head! ;)

joey said...

Oh sure he's cute. But he's butch too! Gotta love that! ;)

CoffeeDog said...

Dodger-wodger :-)