Monday, March 21, 2005

A wonderful meal in a wonderful house

There's no point in rehashing everything that Marc already blogged about, so I'll just suggest that you take a look at his post.

The short version: I bought some salmon fillets, leeks, cream and some other stuff needed to make dinner. Then I met Marc at the new house, and we made dinner there. The new appliances lived up to their billing, and the meal was wonderful. It also was wonderful to have an actual dining room to eat in. When we don't have guests, we'll probably do more eating in the nearby eating area (in the sunroom) or (I hate to admit it) in front of the TV, but it's very nice to actually have a separate dining room now. We structured things to give more space to the entertainment and library areas of the house, so the dining room isn't huge. Even so, it's lovely (with wainscoting and a lovely chandelier) and is a lot more than we have in our current house.

Anyhow, go read Marc's blog for more details. Needless to say, I'm a happy camper!


MzOuiser said...

I want a house.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful. I've seen pics of the place from Marc's blog, its very beautiful.