Sunday, March 06, 2005

Oh well, life goes on

We spent the weekend working our asses off. The carpet is going to be installed in the new house on Tuesday. It was scheduled for a week from Monday, but I suddenly have a lot of free time, so we decided to move the date up and get it done.

Here's where all the work comes in. We've cleaned the house a few times during the construction process--as both the construction and the painters (as they scrape, sand, etc.) created lots of dust and dirt. With the carpet coming, however, we needed to really get into every little corner and get the place as clean as possible. We don't want any dirt under the carpet/pad where it could eventually work its way through.

The dogs make it hard enough to keep the house clean. We don't need to start with a handicap! So we did lots of cleaning yesterday and today, moving things around, vacuuming, wiping things down, etc.

I'm sore, but it comes with a feeling of satisfaction. Not as good as some other satisfying sore feelings ;) but not bad.

In the meantime, I've been getting calls and messages from friends (some of you, of course) and colleagues, saying, in essence, "they did what?!" Yes, they did, but life goes on.

Now, on an entirely different subject, I've decided that, from time to time, I should point out new blogs that I think are worth watching. So I'll start today with one that was first pointed out to me by the Rebel Prince. While RP's blog is well worth watching, that's not the one I'm talking about (he doesn't need any help from me!).

Rather, I'm referring to the blog of a bright young man named Eric. The blog came to the aforementioned blogger's attention because this young man also called his blog Rebel Prince. His blog is found here.

Eric just came out to his family, and his account of that process is a portrait of a smart young man, mature beyond his years. Speaking of his years, keep your comments clean--he's only 14! :) Despite his youth, he writes better than many people much older than he.

Rather than going on and on about him, let me just suggest that you visit his site. It's worth the time.

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paulintally said...

I've been so out of it being out of town and then returning late Saturday night that I feel bad that I didn't even send you a hug and kiss for your sucky day the other day. I have been there, and it sucks! I know you will land on your feet. You're too intelligent not to, and you have an unbelievable support system with Marc.
So though it's late, Hugs and kisses.