Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A great, sucky day!

Today was great because the carpet was installed in the new house, and the carpet is fabulous.

Today was sucky because our general contractor is an asshole who is going to cost a bunch more money before this is done, the weather was abysmal and the screen on my computer died. Okay, actually, that last piece happened last night, but I took it to Micro Center today for warranty service. Apparently, it's the "backlight". I knew it was the screen, as opposed to whatever tells the screen what to show--when I plugged in the monitor from my old desktop PC, I was able to use the computer. I just couldn't deal with that long-term. For the time being, I'm using Marc's Mac, while my computer is at the doctor.

Despite the sucky stuff outnumbering the great stuff, it still was a good day. I'm really psyched about the house renovations reaching an end. There will be a few things that will take time to get done. The plantation shutters are still at least a few weeks away, there are some light fixtures on order, etc. Also, I think we may put off some concrete repairs until the warmer weather comes. Even so, we'll be in a position to move in within the next couple of weeks.

No plantation shutters? Well, I guess we just won't screw with the lights on until they get installed (I never was much of an exhibitionist). :) I can live with that, just so I can get into the new house. It's going to be great!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry your computer brokee down, hope that gets fixed soon. I remember when my laptop crashed, I felt so helpless. But I'm glad things seem to be looking up for you!