Sunday, March 20, 2005

Fire is fun!

We spent much of the weekend moving things over to the new house. We're not moved in yet, but we're getting ready.

Today, we took a ton of kitchen stuff over (as much as the truck could hold--and that's a lot!). Of course, with Marc as master of the kitchen, yesterday's and today's loads of kitchenware leave us far from done with the kitchen move.

Jeff helped us move all of this stuff, but only Marc could decide where everything was to go in the new kitchen. Knowing enough to stay out of the way but also wanting to make the most of my time in the new house, I decided to make use of a feature of the new house that our current house lacks--the fireplace!

This was a nasty, cold, wet day. So I loaded some wood in the fireplace and lit it up. Ahhhh, so nice!

The warmth of burning wood and the mesmerizing effect of the flames is so nice on such a nasty day. It's refreshing and relaxing, all at the same time.

I added wood once, to keep it going, but eventually let the fire die down as our time there was ending for the day. Even in those last embers, I was fascinated. One particular piece was about the size of a jumbo egg. I stared at it, watching the fire within. No flames licked up from this piece, but it pulsed with heat as its inside burned. It looked as if it was hollow with a moving orange light somewhere inside it. I stared and stared, marveling at the intricacies of the fire as it moved within the wood, eating away at it a little at a time.

What a lovely time in our lovely new house. Someday soon, Marc will even be able to join me in enjoying the new house. For now, I'll leave him to do what he wants, and I'll have the good sense to stay out of his way! :)


Tuna Girl said...

I can hear Beavis right now. "Fire! Fire!"

Jase said...

Sounds dreamy :)

Greg said...

I want a fireplace! Waahhhh!!!