Sunday, March 13, 2005

24 hour day bug

Is it just me? Well, just me and Marc, since it happens to him, too?

In years past, I would get sick, but the illnesses, whether they were mild or harsh, seemed to come and go in a few days. At most, they lasted a week. I've even had the flu*, and that didn't last much more than a week, if that, as I recall.

Nowadays, it seems that many of these little bugs last for weeks. Marc and I are now in our second week (at least) of this virus with which we've been suffering. Modern medicine is no help, of course. I like my doctor, but I haven't bothered talking to him about this. He'd just tell me that it's a virus, there's nothing much they can do, and I should just get rest, eat well, drink plenty of fluids and take over-the-counter stuff to make myself feel a bit better.

I might chalk this up to aging (not that I'm all that old yet), but it seems like it's not just me. I think the viruses are getting tougher and harder for our systems to beat. It's a scary thought.

Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I deluded? :)


Special Bonus Rant

*flu: I've heard many people tell me that they have the flu. Now, it has been quite a number of years since I had it, but I have had the flu! First of all, you weaklings, I'm immediately skeptical if you're standing upright as you tell me you have the flu. If you're not so dizzy that you can't stand, then the self-diagnosis of influenza is immediately suspect. Next, tell me if the following have been afflicting you: high fever ("high"=103+, not 99), vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, sweats, body pains, chills.

No? Those don't seem to be a part of it? Then suck it up, and count your blessings. You have a cold, you wuss, so stop telling me you have the flu or I'm going to figure out a way to give it to you. Those of us who have suffered through a real bought of the flu have trouble withholding an ass-whupping from people with the sniffles who say, "I have the flu."

Okay. Thanks. I feel better now. :)


T. Johnston said...

I feel for you... I had that bug, took me out for almost 2 weeks! Drink lots of water and sleep is your best friend! GET WELL SOON!

MattInTO said...

I'vve been sick several times since Thanksgiving (running a 102-103 temp at that point) and it's zero fun. Seems that in spite of the flu season being more mild than expected, a lot of smaller bugs are running around and all are finding me. Hope ya feel better soon. If ya need an emergency batch of chicken soup I'm off on Tuesday until the evening and off all day Thursday (with no exams until the 30th! Woohoo.) Was hoping you'd feel better before the beginning of the week. Wanted to lure into the city before we leave for L.A. and take ya out for your Birthday.

Hugs -


Zeitzeuge said...

I've noticed it also. Normally, I'd get a cold, sinus infection, flue or whatever and be over it within a few days.

I've had a cold or whatever you want to call it going on 3 weeks now. Finally showing some signs of leaving.

Greg said...

As we age, our bodies start to get back at us for all the crap we've put them through.

Colon: Remember that quart of Eveclear you drank your freshamn year in college, it took me weeks to get rid of that stuff and the aftertaste! Ugh! Well, no it's payback time. Let's see, everytime you even think of eating that yummy bowl of ice cream, I'm going to rumble and cramp and give you the shits like there's no tomorrow! Take that! BWAHAHAHA!

Jess said...

Thanks, everyone. Sounds like we're all suffering through the same kind of thing.

Greg--that is funny! Also, it may well be valid!

Tuna Girl said...

I was just talking to the kids' doctor about this today. She said that infections are getting harder to treat and taking longer to heal. And this year has been especially bad.

Great. Do you think natural selection is catching up to us?

Andy said...

For things like the flu, I HIGHLY recommend doing yoga; if you can find the right practitioner to help you, there are special poses and series of poses that can target certain problems like the flu and its symptoms. Also acupuncture is a TREMENDOUS help.

Eat right and drink lots of water and get lots of rest.

Don't take any over-the-counter chemical "remedies"; all they are is symptom suppression, which actually just suppresses your immune system. A fever means your body is working -- let it do its job.

Feek better!