Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A small glimmer of hope

Kansas has brought some wonderful things to the world, like my partner. Overall, however, Kansas isn't my favorite state. They have serious issues with the theory of evolution (what year is this?), and they don't care much for gay boys.

So I was watching today's vote in Topeka that pitted a lesbian city council member against, among others, the hate-filled granddaughter of hate-filled Fred Phelps. There also was an effort to repeal an ordinance that granted limited protections in hiring on the basis of sexual orientation (it only applied to municipal hiring).

The results are encouraging. The good guys won this round.

In a way, Fred Phelps, a truly evil man who protested at the funeral of Matthew Shepard and is known for enlightened phrases like "God Hates Fags", may have been the reason the ordinance in question didn't get repealed.

Sometimes it takes a stark example of hatred to make people wake up. Sadly, 47% of the voters still voted to repeal the ordinance, but the fact that 53% of those who turned out in Topeka voted for it offers some hope. A victory's a victory, and I'll take it. The fight goes on, but this was nice to see.


Matt_Sweet said...

The anti-bias ordinance is more encouraging than the city council election, in my opinion. I mean, come on--Jael Phelps would have a difficult time if she were running against an enraged she-bear.

Jase said...

Woohoo! Go freedom!

My protesting outside with the signs, "Jesus hates haters", and, "Don't hate the playa, hate the game" wasn't all in vain!

Andy said...

Yes, I am grateful for this. It's like, Jael...are you aware that the Bible consists of more than just the book of Leviticus? Have you, um, seen the Gospels? Sheesh. She's scary. Did you read the NY Times article about her where she admitted she refrains from telling people her last name? And then said when people get upset over it she knows she's doing the right thing? Yeah. Um. No. Yay Kansas.