Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Day and doggie birthdays

At the stroke (and watching poor Dick Clark brings new meaning to that) of midnight, we celebrated the New Year, as well as the birthdays of both Bernice and Dodger.

(To digress for a moment, can someone please get Dick Clark to retire this year? I hope he has a wonderful quality of life, but I think he's past his "Rockin'" years. It's like Sinatra when he kept singing long after his singing voice had left him. Leave people with the memories of you at your best, Dick!)

The festivities were mostly indoors. We had a great dinner and drinks with our friends Jon and Michelle, featured in the prior post after one end of their house got toasted. Then, at midnight, we wore our hats and blew horns to celebrate. We even had a shower of confetti (courtesy of spring-loaded confetti shooters), but we took that part of the celebration to the front lawn to minimize the mess in here.

Confetti fallout on the front lawn

Make a note somewhere. Dogs don't like party horns! They literally attacked them every time we used them.

So we moved on to the part of the party that the dogs like, their birthday party! They like it, because they get cake!

The remains of the cake. Hey, wasn't that a movie? No? :)

Of course, the dogs did get into the New Year's spirit. They insisted on wearing the hats. (Okay, maybe we forced them, but it's a small price to pay for cake!)

Bernice on her 10th birthday

Mandy, as she wonders why we do these things to her

Dodger on his 7th birthday (we think... sort of... okay, we're guessing, but we think we're pretty close)

You can see how cooperative Dodger is in that last photo. He wore the hat for about a millisecond. He kept flipping it off in an instant. That's why I couldn't get a shot without Marc in the background.

But all was well in the end. Each of the kids got big pieces of cake, and they were happy puppies!

On that note, I hope 2008 brings happiness and good health to all of you!


Patrick said...

I'm with the dogs on the party horns. I'd attack them too if I thought it would help. We had some in this neighborhood that sounded like a baby elephant. We all enjoyed it more once we started pretending we were on the Serengeti.

Also like the dogs, there are few indignities I wouldn't put up with if cake were involved. Gotta know your priorities.

Happy New Year, Jess, Marc, Dodger, Bernice, and Mandy.

Dantallion said...

Happy New year, Jess. Here's wishing you loads of good health, love, happiness, and prosperity for 2008!

As always, the pics are great. I'm glad you enjoyed your New Years (although I can't believe you guys give your dogs cake!)

Jess said...

Patrick: Actually, I'm not much of a party horn fan, but I can tolerate them very briefly! Happy New Year to you, too!

Dan: Thanks. I wish you the same. And of course we give the dogs cake! How could we not? :) But I do know it has a downside. For one thing, it apparently gives Labradors gas.

ATG said...

hahaha! the dogs look too cute in their party hats!

bill watterson, creator of calvin & hobbes, did it right and retired the comic before everyone got tired of it. completely brilliant because i still look at the old comics and they make me giggle as much as they did years ago...