Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh, no. What sad news.

I just turned on the five o'clock news and learned that Heath Ledger is dead. How terrible.

I don't find it sad because he was so handsome, which he was, but because he seemed like a nice, talented young man. The loss of such a young man is always sad, and I suppose our modern era, when technology makes even the famous seem like people we know, makes it sadder still.

Rest in Peace.


Dantallion said...


Heart breaking, that.

ATG said...

He's the last person I would expect dying out of the youthful hollywood set. What a shame.

Cooper said...

I am so sad. I couldn't believe it when I heard the news. He felt like one of ours to me. My heart goes out to his little girl.

Jase said...