Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Aggravate me enough, and I'll just pay someone to avoid the headache. At least, I'll do that if it's an option.

I'll spare you the tedious details. The short version is that booking our tickets to Dublin online for our trip this June was giving me a headache. After much trying to get things how I wanted, I called American Express. I paid them a little more than I would have paid online, but a short call was all it took to get everything just the way I wanted.

I did try calling the airline directly, and I nearly lost my temper while talking to their computerized system. Note to the airlines: just because the computer has a voice, and I speak to it instead of pushing buttons on the phone, that's not the same as talking to a real human being.

So I called Amex, got a real human being and got the job done with a brief, polite conversation.

Good customer service. What a novel idea.


Dantallion said...

Customer what?

Now, on to more important things...can I come? ;)

Wayne said...

At least the call didn't direct you to India, where a customer represent would read off a script, like a robot - over and over again.

Greg said...

I agree with Wayne. I think I hate overseas call centers even more than computerized, automated "help" systems. Thank goodness AMEX helped! I would have pulled out all that remains of my hair!!

Lee said...

Oye! I HATE those automated voice customer serice things where you gotta speak instead of pushing buttons...takes me longer, gotta repeat, etc.

And yeah, overseas stuff p.o.'s me as well.

And could you take me as well? I got my own AMEX card! ;-)

Jess said...

Dan/Lee: We'd take everyone, if we could. As it stands, we're having enough trouble covering our own tickets! It's a good thing we have until June, so we can save up for hotel, car rental and other expenses, because the plane tickets tapped us out!

Wayne/Greg: Good point, but I did like talking to Amex and letting someone else work it all out. Thank goodness THEY haven't outsourced to India.

Patrick said...

Yup, I'm the same way, if it costs a little extra to have someone else do it, I usually will. Though I have gotten a bit used to being able to do things online myself, which means I don't have to pay extra OR talk to a machine or robot. But when things are expensive to begin with, I'd rather have someone who knows s/he is doing take care of it.

So jealous about your trip. I haven't been back since 2002. You'll have a blast. Boy, the exchange rate right now SUCKS, hope it's better come June.

ATG said...

If you need a personal assistant on your trip, I'm totally available. :)

I do like AMEX too...they always have decent customer service.

Cooper said...

Oh, what a wonderful thing to be saving up for! I always enjoy saving so much more when it's going towards something specific that I really want. I've always wanted to go to Ireland. My grandfather's mother (although he was born in England) was born there ... in a place called Waterford.