Sunday, January 20, 2008

Greetings from down south

We're in Atlanta. It's our annual trek down here to help Marc's mom celebrate her birthday. The gang has gone off to afternoon church, so I have a little time for some blogging (to be followed by erasing of browser history, deletion of all offline files, etc., lest anyone be tempted to follow the trail!). :)

I know it's January, but the cold is unbelievable for Atlanta. With that said, we've encountered this before. By now, I shouldn't be surprised. Clearly, Atlanta is capable of having cold snaps.

It got down to the teens, and there was some ice this morning. Yesterday, it even snowed. It was just enough snow to cover lawns and bushes, but you'd think a blizzard was coming, considering the way the TV news coverage was going and people were near-panicked around here.

Last night, they spent so long covering the "snowstorm" on the news, with reporters standing in front of spotless roads and parking lots, that I thought someone must have sprayed a hallucinogenic substance over the area (but missed us). We gave up and turned off the TV after about 10 minutes of watching them blather on about the snowstorm that didn't drop enough snow for it to be visible on television!

Blizzards notwithstanding, the visit has been going nicely. Marc's family hasn't driven either of us insane so far. The hotel (a Doubletree) is nice, and the room was quite inexpensive. I even like the shower. It has twin spray heads and is nice and big. There's even a feature where this guy joins you, soaps you all over, rinses you and then kneels down and... Oh, never mind. That's not a Doubletree feature. I brought that with me! (But it makes for one fine shower!) ;)

Okay, now I have to go review a resume (or curriculum vitae, for the spiffier among you). One of Marc's relatives is retiring and planning to do some consulting on the side. Being the family HR person, I've been asked to do a review. (Yesterday, since I'm also the family lawyer, I was asked for free legal advice.) The fun never stops! :)


tornwordo said...

That's pretty funny about the reporters reporting the non-storm. I liked the hallucinogenic substance bit.

ATG said...

I think that was the non-existent storm that didn't hit Richmond the other day. :)