Monday, May 28, 2007

The GB:NY4 barbecue/party was fabulous!

The turnout was a little lighter than we expected, but the quality of the company made up for it! We were joined by Mark & Brian and their friend Steven (a nice guy and a hottie!), Byrne, Deidre, Patrick, Jase and his lovely boyfriend Brian (good catch there, Jase!), our new friend David, and our old friends Patrick & Greg.

We had a wonderful time. I grilled burgers and hot dogs, and Marc made brisket, cole slaw, guacamole & chips and brownies with whipped cream for dessert. We had another appetizer--Marc made it, but it was an invention of mine, a dip made of corn salsa and sour cream.

Better than the food was the fabulous conversation. We had a wonderful time!

Thanks to everyone who came. You made the day special!

(Yes, there are some photos, but I'm too tired to mess with that now. I'll save those for another day.) :)


Wayne said...

Awe, glad you guys had a lot of fun :)
I'm filled with ENVY.
Looking forward to see the pictures!!

PatCH said...

And a most delicious time was had, indeed. You boys are too generous.

Thanks for a wonderful time!

Lee said...

Well, being ALL the way out here and the LIRR not having a station anywhere near-by, I couldn't make it! ;-) Wish I could've, tho.

Zeitzeuge said...

As always, thank you SO much for your generous hospitality. Your burger flipping skills are quite good. ;)

Jess said...

Thanks to everyone who made it and everyone who was there in spirit!

Wayne and Lee: I hope you both can visit us next time!