Thursday, May 03, 2007

A photo wouldn't do any justice

When my Mom died three years ago, a friend gave us a gift certificate for a nursery. She said it was so we could plant something in my Mom's memory. So we bought and planted something we thought she would have liked--a Kwanzan Cherry tree. We held off on planting it until we had the house and property redone. Last year, it was too new to really bloom, but not this year. It's covered in beautiful pink flowers, and it's a gorgeous tribute to a gorgeous, wonderful person.

But there's not one Kwanzan Cherry. There are two. A second tree went into the ground last year. My Mom ran community services at our town's public library. They've had annual concerts in her memory every year since she died. They hold them in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, because that's what killed her (the cancer, not the month). This past year, the concert was preceded by the dedication of a Kwanzan Cherry tree right out in front of the library where everyone can see it. The plaque has lovely words in her honor, but the tree (and the one here) really is what gives me the warmest feeling. She was the most wonderful woman I've ever known, and it's only fitting that there are living, beautiful things in her honor.


Dantallion said...

What a wonderful tribute. (although I had to smile - in the midst of this very moving post, you threw in that "the cancer, not the month" crack - a funny bit of counterpoint, that.)

Show us a pic anyhow.

about a boy said...

i like the idea of planting trees for people.

i want to see this beautiful tree!

Greg said...

That's a great tribute, and I agree that you should show us a pic jsut we can share in the beauty.