Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gay kids deserve a prom, too!

We're big supporters of LIGALY, Long Island Gay & Lesbian Youth. They run a center for gay youth and host a variety of events, as well as going into the schools to run educational programs.

Every year, they have a prom for gay kids. They only charge the kids $20. The rest is covered by fundraising. To rent a catering hall, hire a band, etc., costs about $80 more per person.

Marc and I sponsored a table, and we want to encourage everyone who can to join us. You can sponsor one or more kids for the prom by going here. (It's even tax-deductible.)

I remember skipping my High School prom. I was even asked by a girl if I wanted to go (yeah, I was once worth asking out!), but I declined. What was the point? She was nice enough, but I knew what got me going. Isn't it nice that times have changed enough to have a gay prom? I think it's terrific!

So please go here and join us in helping some gay boys and girls go to a prom where they can be themselves and safely have fun! Thank you!

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