Saturday, May 12, 2007

Three cheers for... I beg your pardon?

Today was the Long Island Rugby Tournament. Our team, the Gotham Knights, participated in the tournament, and we went to watch. I, as usual, was there as the team photographer.

I'll post photos once I've gone through them and edited as needed. In the meantime, the nicest thing happened today, and I wanted to share.

After each match, the team will do cheers. One of the guys will lead three cheers for the ref, three cheers for the other team and three cheers for Gotham.

While I was standing there after today's last match, they were doing their cheers, and then it happened. The guy leading the cheers looked right at me and, with that,

Three cheers for our photographer!
Hip, hip, hooray!
Hip, hip, hooray!
Hip, hip, hooray!

I've been shooting photos for the team for a few years now, but this is a first. I was so honored!


Dantallion said...

Well we also we honour you as photographer for the rugby players - but for very different reasons, I suspect.

(A very hot ice cream eating Aussie comes to mind...)

Jess said...

Dan: Not so different. Remember, it's a gay rugby team! Even the few straight boys on the team are very gay friendly (they'd have to be if they're on this team!). :)

Wayne said...

Yeah! Cheer for the Photographer!! for all your great delicious works and dedication!!

Jess said...

Thanks, Wayne. :)