Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yes, it was a rugby weekend!

In addition to photographing this weekend's matches, I also took team photos and some headshots for the team's website. Here are a few, but feel free to look at the full set, since there are some really nice ones there (link at the end of this post):

The blue squad--at least I think it's blue. I always forget which group is blue and which is gold.

The gold squad--unless the other one was the gold squad, in which case this is blue.

Hard to look at, isn't he?

And how about this for cute?!

One of the guys on the opposing team.

There are lots more where those came from. They're here.

Take a look at the full set. The photos have been getting rave reviews!

Okay, so only Dodger has looked at them, but he wagged when he looked at the screen. Plus, I think it's a great set of photos. :)


Dantallion said...

'Opposing team guy' is very nice to look at indeed.

Wayne said...

You know.. You're a really good photographer!!!!

PatCH said...

Pretty pretty!

about a boy said...

i need to come to one of these.