Thursday, July 19, 2007

So full of shit

The weather prognosticators and talking heads on TV are such bullshit artists. Yesterday morning, we had a small typhoon here. My roughly 10 mile drive to work took almost two hours, due to flooded out roads, and we had water in the basement (not much, thankfully). There even was a tornado east of us... A Long Island style tornado. Not a Kansas F-5. More like an F-minus one (it just knocked over some trees and fences).

So did the weather idiots predict any of this? Not at all. I didn't expect a tornado prediction, of course, but maybe "the possibility of heavy rain" or words to that effect. Not a bit of it. The night before, they said something about afternoon and evening storms, but nothing about torrential downpours for the morning commute.

Of course, having completely botched the forecast for yesterday, they're trying to redeem themselves by overreacting today. Typical forecast for today: "OH MY GOD! EVERYONE RUN FOR IT! GET INTO THE CELLAR! DEFINITE CHANCE OF SCATTERED HURRICANES AND TORNADOES! POSSIBLE HAIL AND LOCUSTS!! IF YOU'RE STILL ALIVE TOMORROW, TUNE IN FOR COVERAGE OF THE DEVASTATION!!!"

Um, yeah. Yesterday, the surprise storm dropped an average of about 4 inches of rain in an hour or so.

Now? It's drizzling.


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