Sunday, July 29, 2007

As safe as can be (unless he'd just stayed home)

Marc is doing some baking today. He needs some ingredients, so he decided to run out and get them. Jeff, who is visiting this weekend, went with him.

As he was leaving, the skies were looking ominous and it was starting to rain. I told him to take my car. His car, a Toyota Camry, is a pretty safe car, but I felt like my new Volvo S80 was the better choice if things were going to get bad while he was out.

I'm really glad I said what I did. Not only has it started to rain, but it's actually pouring and lighting bolts are streaking down all over the place. This is quite a storm! The lights even flickered a few times.

If he has to be out there in this mess (and, of course, he does... with apologies to the USPS, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night nor lack of ingredients shall stay my hubby from his appointed baking), I'm glad he's in the safest car I know. Now I just wish he'd get back here. This storm is wild. Mandy is upset and hiding, and Dodger is barking at it. If I knew how to save a snapshot of the radar image right now, I would. Lots of red!

The "Oh, hail!" update: The good news is that they're back home safely. The bad news? Well, these impressive storms now include hail pelting down. Worse yet (unless, of course, a tornado is next) is that we got a flood of water in the basement. On the plus side, we think we've figured out where it's coming from, and it looks like an easy fix.

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Dantallion said...

I tried to comment twice, and blogger ate it both times! Damn! Suffice it to say, it was the most brilliant comment ever committed to cyberspace! It would have earned me accolades, a Nobel Peace prize (for comedy), and a spot in the next South Park movie!

(Or it would have been your run of the mill offer of sympathy for your troubles)

I hope you get the problem all fixed up :)