Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No, I don't want a business affiliation

I received an e-mail today that complimented me on the content of my website and asked me to form an affiliation with a particular gay-focused company. I must admit that I read it very quickly, so it's possible that it was a sincere comment on my site.

That, however, is unlikely. I get these e-mails every so often. I'd be willing to bet that lots of you got the same e-mail. It probably was mass-mailed to a bunch of gay blogs. I suppose there's nothing wrong with affiliating with whomever you'd like and perhaps even making some money from the deal. But that's just not my purpose here.

I'm here to share details of my life (boring though they may be), occasionally rant about politics or some other subject, and share my photos, whether they're of hot boys from the rugby matches, travel photos or the occasional family hound shot.

So I'm glad to trade blogroll links, but forming more commercial affiliations just isn't my goal at the moment. Besides, the commercial sites should know better. How many hits do they think my poor little blog gets? This isn't Towleroad or Joe.My.God!


tornwordo said...

It's as sincere as copying and pasting the blog address into the form letter, lol. Would I like to sell dildos on my blog? No thanks, I'll pass.

Marc said...

I got the same post yesterday. I ignored (and deleted) it.

Dantallion said...

I got one like that recently. I deleted it. I have a very low tolerence threshold for spam.

Eric said...

I was asked to review sex products on my site. Was this similar?
It's funny because, while I like the sex, I am kind of prudish when it comes to blogging about it specifically.