Sunday, July 29, 2007

Flooding update

As I mentioned in my last post, we were having a flooding problem in our basement. As I also mentioned, we thought we'd found the source.

We determined that one of the basement window wells on the side of the house was the source of the water. It doesn't have a window well cover like the ones out front. So Marc went to search for one at the local home improvement stores. In the meantime, the rain started again full force.

Jeff and I went downstairs. While he stayed with me to help empty it as needed, I operated our Shop-Vac wet-dry vacuum. It's a 10-gallon one, and we had to empty it three times before the rain started to let up. Then once more, as it was about half full when we finished.

After the rain reduced, Jeff and I went outside and grabbed one of the front window well covers (where the roof overhangs that area, so it shouldn't be as big of an issue for it) and moved it to the problem one around the side (this was Marc's idea--he called from the road). Then we grabbed some stone blocks we had in the back of the yard and rebuilt the lip around the window well.

I carried the blocks and Jeff rebuilt the lip and then placed the relocated cover on top. I hope that will stop more flooding when the next round comes. Looking at the weather radar, more storms should be here in an hour or so, unless they break up first.

I'm just glad Jeff was here to help. He's always been a good friend, but he's really gone above and beyond today!


Dantallion said...

Bit of a rotten deal, that. I hope that the repairs you made fix the problem.

Eric said...

Well, I can finally think of one reason to be grateful I don't have all that space a basement provides.

CanuckNurse said...

Hope you're drying out soon. You guys have gotten all the rain that's apparently missed us and left things on the dusty side.

Btw, I've relocated the blog back to Talk to ya soon. xxoo.

Greg said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that that will fix the problem. Try to stay dry!

PatCH said...

We had a flooding incident a few days ago too with the same crazy rains. It involved me standing in boxers outside the bedroom window at 5am for an hour in a foot of water, clearing a clogged drainpipe under torrential rains and mad lightning, as water poured by the bucket through the window a/c into the bedroom. Needless to say, I was soaked to the bone. Those rains were crazy!