Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nice things to see

We went to a barbecue this afternoon. It was at the home of some friends. We knew some of the people there but not others. Among those we hadn't met before today was a couple who had brought two of their kids, a boy and girl, and a friend of the boy.

I'd guess that the two boys were around 12 or 13 years old. I occasionally noticed the friends interacting and, eventually, as I saw Marc looking at them at one point, I said, "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Marc was: "The friend is very affectionate with him."

It was clear that the son's friend has a huge crush on him. He would lean in close to talk to him and place his hands on his head and shoulders in ways that one normally doesn't see except with lovers. It was touching, really. I don't know if the father sees what's going on, but maybe he's just glad that his son has a friend who loves him. Or maybe he just thinks they're too young for it to mean anything.

The really funny thing is that the one who apparently has the crush is the far better looking of the two. In fact, unless his looks change a lot over the coming years, he is going to be a strikingly handsome man. (Now where were such affectionate, handsome boys when I was that age?)

This display of affection was nice to see. Of course, they're kids, so who knows what, if anything, might come of it in the years ahead. I just hope they stay good friends, since the caring is so very clearly there.

After the barbecue, we did a quick run to Trader Joe's for some groceries. Then we drove down to the beach. As we drove along bridges over the water, we opened the sun roof and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset. Thin, high clouds were lit a beautiful pink by the setting sun, and the rippling water was shimmering beautifully.

Just one nice thing after another today.

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Eric said...

That's so darn cute! It totally sounds like puppy love to me.