Saturday, June 16, 2007

Three weeks later

I've been rather slow in getting photos posted from the GB:NY4 barbecue. It has been almost three weeks since that fun event, and I just got around to putting them online today. Actually, I shot only a handful of photos. One of our illustrious guests borrowed my camera to shoot others, so what you'll see today is a mix of mine and his.

It wouldn't have been a party without

Jase and his handsome boyfriend, Brian

Our on-the-mend friend

Another cute Brian, this one the partner of GB:NY organizer

Mark & Brian's good friend Steven

Jase's shirt

We were joined by
David and were very happy to make a new friend!

The girls trying to beg food. Dodger's not in this photo, but he's probably off somewhere else just helping himself to food instead of bothering to ask for it!

And now we begin the photos from our guest photographer, Jase...

Sorry for the delay in sharing (life has been busy, with the new job and other things), but I hope you enjoyed them!


Dantallion said...

The pics are great - wish I'd been able to get down there for it. Next time.

(And for the record, Mark and Brian's friend Steven looks pretty adorable)

Jess said...

Dan: We'd love to have you visit us!

(And yes, I definitely agree!)

DWQ Online said...

What excellent photography.. I love the pictures. Looks like a great (and cute) group of friends.

Though Lovers Be Lost said...

Now that looked like oodles of fun!

We must get something going up here like that in the frozen north.

MzOuiser said...

Aw, these are awesome!

Damn, some hair I had goin' on there...

PatCH said...


Jess said...

DWQ: Yup, they're a nice group, as well as being pretty easy on the eyes.

TLBL: It's well worth the effort!

Ouiser: Don't you always? ;)

PatCH: :)

Greg said...

Nice photos!

Jess said...

Thanks, Greg. :)

Wayne said...

O0oh doggie doggie so cute and steven *faints*