Thursday, June 28, 2007

How cool is that?

As many of you may know, I used to hold a pretty high position in county government. Among my friends from those days is a really nice guy who held a big job in the county police department (for those of you not from this area, this isn't a small county or a small police department--the county has about 1.25 million residents, and the police department has almost 3,000 officers).

My friend had been with the department for over 20 years when we first met. At that time, he was a Deputy Inspector and later rose to full Inspector, a rank just below the chiefs, who in turn report to the Commissioner. Before his retirement (after something like 28 years with the department), he worked in the Commissioner's Office.

He retired about six years ago and has since worked in high-level government security. He really is one of the good guys, and I was sorry to see him leave. Of course, I wound up leaving the County, too.

And then comes today. As I was driving home, Marc called me to say he had seen my old friend on TV. He's coming back to the County. He's being appointed to replace the retiring Commissioner.

So the new Police Commissioner of this County is a friend of mine. Not that it changes how I feel about him--I've always liked him--but how cool is it to have a friend in a job like that? And he's really one of the good guys... so sometimes good guys do finish first.

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Dantallion said... if I get a ticket down your way, you can get it fixed for me then, right? lol

I think it's great that your friend is enjoying this kind of success. It's nnice to hear about good people making it to the top at a time when all we hear about are the corrupt pricks often in charge.