Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bloomberg for President?

There's been talk of his running for a long time. Now comes word that New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is changing his voter registration, leaving the Republican Party and becoming independent.

If he really enters the fray, he could make for a very interesting candidate. I don't know how he'll sell in "the heartland," but this could make things very interesting.


Andy said...

If only he were interesting. I mean, I think he's great. I voted for him the second-time 'round for Mayor, and I think he'd probably be a good president. Certainly better than the one we've got. But our media and our political handlers have turned the Presidential elections into American Idol, without the talent. Unless there is radical, radical disaffection with the status quo (we ain't there yet, judging by the coverage of Paris Hilton), we're going to end up with the nominees who are the most telegenic, who exude some kind of charisma. That's not Bloomberg. (It's also not Kerry; I still don't know now the frack we ended up with that loser. I hate you, Iowa caucus!)

about a boy said...

it definitely will make things quite interesting.

Dantallion said...

Given his profile, I suspect that it could split the right so much that a Democratic landslide would be inevitable.

Well, a boy can dream, can't he?

Jess said...

Andy: Probably true.

AAB: I think so, too!

Dan: My fear is that his centrist position will actually split the Democrats. The right-wing nuts are good at toeing the party line!

Andy said...

Yeah, Dan: exactly which pro-gun-control, pro-choice, pro-gay-rights Republicans are going to peel away from the party mainstream to vote for a Jewish bachelor? The only way Republicans will vote for an Independent is if someone left the GOP because they aren't radically conservative enough. A Giuliani nomination might result in exactly that. Now, if we had a 4-way race for President, the Democrats would be okay. But in a potential all-New-York 3-way, I think Bloomberg would split the Democrat vote.

May we all be spared this horrible fate. May the Democrats nominate Obama and the Republicans nominate Huckabee.