Thursday, June 07, 2007


On my way to work this morning, I witnessed an accident. I was on the parkway, as the car ahead of me, a gold Lexus, drifted out of the left lane and into the center where it contacted a Ford Explorer. The cars just barely touched, but the Explorer, understandably, swerved away. In doing so, it nearly hit a car in the right lane, then cut back, lost control and smashed into the center median.

The guy in the Lexus kept going like nothing had happened.

My first instinct was to stop and help. That's what I usually do at accidents, but I had another thought--the guy who caused this wreck through his clear negligence was getting away. So, seeing other cars stopping to help, I floored my car and took off after the Lexus. (Makes me wish I still had my old government car with the pretty red lights! And what is it with people? I've been in accidents--and I stopped, made sure everyone was alright, exchanged information, etc. Shit happens, which is why we're all supposed to have insurance! Besides, what about someone being hurt?)

As I caught up to the Lexus, I called 911 on my cell phone. I asked to be switched to the State Police (it goes to the County first, but the State Police cover the parkways), and then I gave them the plate number. The guy on the phone--with the State Police, it's usually a trooper, not just an operator--asked for the type of car and then told me to hang on. After a short wait, he said the plate matched the type of car (as opposed to being a stolen plate/car, I suppose). He then took my cell phone number (which is really just an honesty check, since he already has it in front of him) and my name, in case they had to get back in touch with me.

Considering the nice red stripe on the side of the Lexus, this shouldn't be too hard of a case for them to make... and I'm glad! Accidents happen, but it's appalling when people cause accidents and then take off! I hope they take this bastard away in handcuffs! I also hope the person in the Explorer wasn't too badly hurt, but I doubt he/she walked away unscathed.


tornwordo said...

Wow, harrowing. I hope they catch him. That's abominable.

Dantallion said...

Well done. I hope they nail him/her.

Brechi said...

Hope they get him!!!!

Greg said...

Just think: a few years ago the other driver would hav egotten away. Good for you!

Jess said...

Thanks, guys. I hope they've gotten him by now. Assuming it wasn't a stolen car (and it probably wasn't), this should have been easy.

Not only will it make the person who did something so heartless answer for it, but maybe it will make the victim feel better. They won't know who I am--and that's fine--but they'll know someone cared enough to help them (in addition to the people who stopped to help right at the scene). I know how angry I'd be if it had happened to me, and I know I'd be glad if someone reported the guy.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Sounds scary!