Saturday, June 30, 2007

That'll teach me not to drop my glasses!

Last Saturday, I went to the optometrist for an (overdue) annual checkup. My eyes haven't changed, but she tried some new contacts on me. Since I wore my glasses in, I had to carry them out. I just put them in the plastic bag that they gave me to hold the free supplies (some samples of rewetting drops, etc.) and put the bag on the back seat of the car. When we got home, I opened the back door and the glasses came tumbling out (the bag had fallen over during the ride home). They fell to the pavement and landed right on the lenses, creating a couple of small scratches right in the middle of one lens.

Today I went back for a follow-up visit to see if I was doing well with the new contacts. The optometrist's office is in a LensCrafters location, so I took the opportunity to see if they could do anything about the lens.

No, they can't buff out these tiny scratches. All they can do is replace the lenses.

Now, this is when I wish I had been drinking something, because it would have made for a great "spit take." The cost for new lenses? Not frames and lenses... just lenses...

$290!!! Yes, $290. I really wish I'd had a mouth full of water, so I could have sprayed it everywhere and yelled, "TWO HUNDRED NINETY DOLLARS?!?!?!"

You may not be surprised to learn that I decided to just live with the scratched lens for now. Eventually, I'll need new glasses, and I'll just wait until then to get new lenses.

P.S.: I forgot to mention when I first posted this--these are simple "single vision" lenses. They're lightweight, UV/anti-reflective coated, etc., but that's it. No bifocals or anything. Just regular lenses. (Yes, a day later I'm still flabbergasted by this.) :)

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Anonymous said...

$290?? Is Swarovski making the lenses? Holy honkin' hanna, that's a lotta cash.