Saturday, November 04, 2006

A tree says so much

Last Sunday, our local library had their annual concert in memory of my Mom. This is the second annual concert in her memory. They hold it during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, since she died of breast cancer.

In addition to the concert, this year brought something she would have loved. Earlier this year, with our encouragement, they planted a Kwanzan Cherry Tree. Mom loved trees, and I'm sure she would have loved this.

They also had a brass plaque made and placed it in front of the tree. I love it. When I drive by the library, I can read her name on the plaque from the car. It's a wonderful tribute to all of the years she ran the community services area of the library.

Before the concert last Sunday, they formally dedicated the tree. Nothing can bring back my Mom, but at least these little remembrances help keep her memory alive for all of the people she helped.


Anonymous said...

God bless!

epicurist said...

That really is very beautiful!