Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hope for the future

This evening, as I was walking away from my former junior high school (now my polling place), an older couple with a small boy was walking out near me. The woman was telling this small boy that Republicans are the best. Then she told the boy to yell, "Democrats suck!"

Fortunately, this child of single-digit age was a lot smarter than that. He kept refusing to cooperate. Then, as they moved off toward their car and were about 30 feet from me, the kid apparently decided he'd had enough. I heard him yell, at the top of his lungs, "Grandma sucks!" This he gleefully repeated a few more times.

I can only gather he was reprimanded, because he then switched to yelling, "Grandma stinks!"

I like that kid, although I was hoping for something more like, "Grandma is a right-wing, bigoted, sick, evil bitch who is twisted enough to try to get a small child to do her asshole GOP bidding!"

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epicurist said...

If karma has any play in her life, he'll end up being a liberal Democratic politician, who also happens to be gay.