Thursday, November 09, 2006

Do you watch House?

I like the show House. It's one of the few TV shows I watch.

If I remember correctly, last season ended with Dr. House having been shot. He was being taken to surgery and had asked for an alternative approach to anesthesia that might have had a positive side effect on his bad leg.

This season, it's like none of that happened. Now, much of the end of last season dealt with Dr. House's hubris. Without getting into too much detail, he was going through some self-realization regarding how he behaves with other people.

Now I'm wondering if the new season so far is some kind of dream sequence while he's in surgery. He's still limping around, using a cane and being an arrogant, if brilliant, pain in the ass. The cop who is out to teach him a lesson fits nicely into the lesson he was learning last season.

So did I miss something at the start of the season? Did he get surgery and things are status quo ante? What's the deal?

BTW, the guy playing the cop (I think his name is David Morse, but I'm blogging from my Palm Treo, so I can't type this and check his name at the same time) is a good actor. He's been around for a long time, and I also think he's kinda hot.

But I digress. Can someone who watches the show tell me if I missed an episode or something?


MattInTO said...

A. Yes, it's David Morse. The man who's perfected playing a bad cop.

B. You missed a few episodes in the beginning. House discovers in the first couple of episodes that an experimental treatment involving ketamine that was used on him by his boss lady with Robert Sean Leonard's knowledge. Needless to say, the treatment eventually wore off and his pain returned. However in the first couple of episodes we do witness him running to work, around the hospital, everywhere. Slightly less grumpy. Definitely not the same House.

MattInTO said...

PS: A brief rant. House abuses nurses too much. That is if you even catch a nurse appearing in an episode. It appears to be the only hospital in existence run without nurses involved in direct patient care. Grey's Anatomy suffers from the flaw. No respect for nurses at all. ;)

Jess said...

But why would he need a nurse? What do they do, anyhow?

Jess said...

(For anyone other than Matt reading that last comment, that was a joke.) :)

CoffeeDog said...

Agree, no nurses needed, docs can do it all LOL

Alan said...

I don't see any need for a nurse on that show. House's interns can run an MRI, run a CAT scan, do endoscopy, heck they can carve into brains! Nurses, though valuable to less amazing doctors, would simply get in the way of House and his team.

David Morse also played in "Contact", BTW.