Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I've kept you waiting long enough

Time to start sharing some rugby photos from the past two weekends. The ones from three days ago aren't ready to post yet. Instead, I'll start sharing some of the ones from ten days ago, when our Gotham Knights played Old Blue Rugby.

So let's start the show...

Okay. I'll stop there. There are plenty more, but let's make them last!

Now, for something entirely different, let's take a look at a Bernice photo. She didn't get a photo the other day when Mandy and Dodger were on here. Also, if anyone's wondering how she's healing (very well), now you can see. The area that was shaved, operated on and stitched is somewhat visible in this photo. It's behind her right eye.

Isn't she pretty?

We're so glad everything turned out well. We want our pups to be healthy!

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pinknest said...

aw, a toast to bernice and her health!