Friday, October 27, 2006


Based on what the veterinarian had said, I really thought our Bernice was facing a battle with cancer. Today, we found out that she's okay. The growth was benign.

The vet had said it didn't look like what he was hoping for. He was hoping to find a cyst, but the fluid he drew last week looked wrong for that and yielded inconclusive lab results with the lab saying they saw some suspect cells. Then when he did the surgery, removing the growth and a small bump she's had by her right eyebrow for ages, he said the growth looked "ugly."

He said we shouldn't panic yet, but his tone was clearly, this doesn't look good. He was saying that we'd see what the lab results say, and then, "maybe we just watch her, maybe we do chemo..."

He said there was a chance it was benign, but he clearly was worried that it wasn't. Thankfully, the results we got today said it was benign.

The lab couldn't say exactly what it was (or what caused it). They offered three possibilities: a vaccination reaction, a bug bite or some trauma.

She hadn't had any vaccinations recently (and, besides, they don't put them in her head!), so it couldn't be that. A bug bite could have happened, I suppose. And there's always the chance she hit her head on something that caused whatever this thing was.

Well, whatever it was, our baby is okay. That's what matters! We're so relieved!


CoffeeDog said...

Glad she's ok!

MzOuiser said...

Aw, so glad to read this! Sorry I've been so late checking in here! Give her a big hug for me.