Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sibling rivalry

Mandy had surgery, and apparently Bernice was jealous. So she's in for surgery today.

Last week, as Mandy was finishing her post-surgical recovery, I was petting Bernice and noticed a lump on her head. The vet checked it out, drew some stuff out with a syringe (that was inconclusive) and surgery was scheduled for today.

So she's having the lump (and maybe a nearby smaller lump) removed today. I told Marc we should ask about a snoutlift while she's in, but he felt that wouldn't be possible.

So we're back to keeping our fingers crossed. She's almost 9, and the risks of growths and such being dangerous rise with age. I just hope that this isn't something bad.

We adore our pups, and this is tough to deal with!


Patrick said...

The difference between dogs and children? Dogs will never leave you behind.

Here's hoping everything turns out fine.

Andy said...

Rocky and Starbuck send "Get Well Soon!" messages and other happy thoughts.

Tuna Girl said...

Hmmm, what is Patrick trying to say there?

Best wishes for you and your brood.

Wayne said...

Aweeee.... Hope doggie recover fast.

MzOuiser said...

Snoutlift indeed. No more Nip/Tuck for you!

I hope the lab results were favorable, as I'm a couple days late on this one!

Lee said...

Poor puppies!

Hope they'll be okay!

Jess said...

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. We're hoping for the best!