Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Bokey

August marked 11 years for us. That's a decent amount of time, but I want many, many more. There are stresses in any relationship, but I think everything's going along wonderfully.

What signs are there that things are good? Well, on the one hand, he still can get me going. This morning, as we were showering together, he turned away, and just the sight of his naked butt was enough to get a rise out of me! ;)

Another sign isn't as much fun. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to a conference out of town. I've been so bummed about it. I have to go to the conference, and it may be an interesting event, but Marc can't go with me, so we'll spend over two days apart. Two nights sleeping in separate beds! That's really going to be tough.

Every so often, Marc has to do an overnight "retreat" for his job, and that's tough, too. I guess it could be worse, but I'm really unhappy about being away from him.

The good part, as I said at the start, is that it's probably good that it bothers me. I love him with all my heart, so I guess missing him is natural. It could be worse. When she reads this, TunaGirl is going to roll her eyes. After all, the times apart from her husband make two days look like the blink of an eye. So maybe it's what you're used to. I'm not used to time apart, so even two days is troubling.

Of course TunaGirl doesn't have to worry about someone trying to make a move on her husband. On the other hand, I know that Patrick longs for a chance to get Marc to himself. Yes, I know, PatCHy! Well, he's mine! So keep your mitts off him... Okay, okay, you can play with him, but only you. And rinse him off when you're done! ;)


Tuna Girl said...

Awww. I'm not rolling my eyes. I didn't think I could handle months and months apart until I had to do it.

But, yes, I do have to admit that he was gone four days this week and I didn't even realy think twice about it. It's all in what you know.

It's good to miss your man.

PatCH said...


Andy said...

Eleven years! Wow! Congrats!