Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nice to help out

More rugby today. I'll post photos soon, but that's not what this post is about. During the match, one of the ruggers got injured. It's possibly worth noting that this is someone we like personally. Not that it's good for anyone to get injured, but it's of even greater concern when it's someone really nice.

He caught a knee and foot to the forehead, and this caused a large gash to be opened. There was a lot of blood. The team's paramedic stopped the bleeding, but she told him he needed to get to an emergency room.

As regular readers of this blog probably recall, I work in the senior administration of one of the large hospitals in Manhattan. So I offered to take him there.

With Marc and one of the other ruggers, we drove him over to the hospital. It's nice to be able to help out, and I was able to get him past any potential wait for attention. We got him into our "Fast Track" area where he was quickly evaluated. We had a plastic surgeon on duty, and he took great care of him.

The surgeon had a great bedside manner, and he really seemed to know his stuff. He checked him for other damage (fractures, neurological, etc.), and then he stitched up the wound. It was about an inch long and was deep--the doctor had to stitch the muscle underneath before the skin could be closed. He also had to trim the edges of the wound, so it would close and heal cleanly.

It will take time for the wound to heal completely, but it looks like it will be almost undetectable when all's done. That's the beauty of having a plastic surgeon do the work.

I don't fix the patients myself, but it's nice to be in a business where I can help someone get the care they need!

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