Sunday, July 10, 2005

Nice day for a garage sale

We got up at 6am. It's Sunday, so you can believe we meant business. We went to McDonald's for terribly nutritious steak, egg & cheese bagels. Then we headed to the "old" house and set up for the garage sale. It really was a lovely day, even if it was a little hot to be spending it outside for hours running a garage sale.

After breakfast, Jeff and I drove around the neighborhood putting up signs. I would drive to a strategically located telephone pole and stop, Jeff would hand me one of the signs and the staple-gun, and I'd jump out and post the sign. Then we go on to find another good location. Meanwhile, Marc continued to set up at the house.

I brought the camera to the garage sale, so I could get some photos of the festivities. Here are some shots from when we first set up and Marc & Jeff were putting price tags on the items:

This was my table saw. Pretty butch, huh?

The table saw was, by far, the most expensive item in the sale. We put a $50 price tag on it. A guy who lived nearby took a look at the excellent shape it was still in and didn't even haggle. He just handed me the money (as opposed to most other items which were sold below the already-low listed price). Then he asked us to put it aside, which we did, and he came back later with a wheelbarrow. Yes, a wheelbarrow! He put it up in it and walked it back home that way. This thing was not light! Talk about butch! :)

Other items were priced for just a few dollars. Some of the larger items, like the chairs, had higher prices. They were both tagged at $30, but we wound up giving one away to a neighbor.

We actually gave away several items. A girl of about 10 who lives across the street really liked this item, so Marc just gave it to her (isn't he sweet?):

The point of today's exercise was to find new homes for all of this stuff (rather than having it go to waste), but we made a few bucks, too. I used some of mine to buy these flowers for Marc:

By the way, if you're wondering, these send the following message: "I love you and spent eight bucks on you for these at Trader Joe's, so let's screw."

Yeah, my picture's next to the word "romantic" in the dictionary. ;)


T. Johnston said...

Hmmm... I looked up romantic. I saw a picture of Britney Spears. Maybe I need a new dictionary...

Matt_Sweet said...

I like the item that the 10-year old girl did. When I think about it, it's amazing how much I have in common with 10-year old girls.

Jere said...

If you weren't able to get rid of that Tiffany-esque floor lamp, I'll take it.

(I'm assuming that it wasn't the real thing, because then you'd be asking thousands for it through Christie's or Sotheby's.)

Greg said...

Well,they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but if you can get to the point quicker, I say go for it!!! (I hope they got the message across, too.)

Mr. H.K. said...

Put that lamp on eBay and Jere and I can try to outbid each other for it!

Mr. H.K.
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Jess said...

Sorry, boys. The lamp sold at the garage sale.

Crash said...

Isn't it tradition to allow your friends to come over and pick through the garage sale items before the actual garage sale. I really wanted that lamp. And I'd have oil wrestled Jere and Mr. H.K. for it.