Sunday, July 17, 2005

10th anniversary planning & other weekend things

We did lots of cleaning of the old house. One of these days (hopefully, very soon), it will come to an end. Other than that, we had some fun and did some work-related stuff (related to Marc's work). We began our morning with a 5K run. No, we didn't run, but, considering how slow some of the runners were, I might have done okay if I had. Marc's credit union was a main sponsor, so he was there for business, and I went as his volunteer photographer.

For a presumably athletic group of people, this was one of the least attractive groups of folks I've seen in quite a while. Actually, lots of runners (at least around here) aren't much to look at. I still haven't completely worked that out. Maybe it's all of the road dirt getting kicked up at them. Also, many of them are either skinny as a rail (those are the really fast runners) or look just moments from a massive coronary.

The icing on the cake was that, as I did my best to be a good photographer--going blocks away from any shelter to get good shots of the runners in the early part of the race--I got poured on. The weather was gray, humid and nasty all morning (in fact, when I first took the lens cap off this morning, the front filter immediately fogged over, having been at the temperature of the air conditioned vehicle we'd been riding in), but I can deal with that personally--I'll dry out. What I don't like is my expensive camera equipment getting soaked. Happily, it seems none the worse for wear.

On a happier note, we're finally getting around to inviting folks for a party on August 20th. August 17th is both Marc's birthday and the 10th anniversary of this young man dropping into his life...

Ah, how young I was... not to mention trim and with a fair amount of hair left on my head.

August 17th is a weekday this year. So we're going to have a little party at our home on the nearest Saturday, that being August 20th. At the suggestion of this young man, our dear friend Mr. PatCHy, we're going to make it a "pot luck" event. That way, we have a fair chance of keeping Marc from working in the kitchen. No guarantee, but it might work.

So watch your e-mail, kids. It's sure to be the party of the year. ;)


T. Johnston said...

10 Years! Congrads.

Coffee Dog said...

Potluck, just like the lesbians!

Hanuman1960 said...


Have a wonderful time!!! ;)

Zeitzeuge said...

Ten years? Hell, I thought it was a milestone to get past ONE year. :)

Congrats to the both of you!

Jase said...

Oo oo.. me me me, pick me! Pick me!

Martijn said...

Celebrate those ten years, it's all downhill from there ;-)

'That guy looks nice, just when you were young'
'You've made that Pecan Pie better a few years ago'
'Can you please get ride of those old pants? I think you wore them on our first date and that was the only time they were fashionable honey'

o.. the pleasures of the long-term relationship

happy anniversary :-)

Douglas said...

10 yrs in dog years is 70, but in gay years you've gotta be at least 100. Have fun.

epicurist said...

Congrats on the 10 years...Enjoy the Lesbian potluck ;-p