Saturday, July 09, 2005

Half the fun

Today, we (Marc, the ever-reliable Jeff and I) prepared for a garage sale at the "old" house. We have a contract to sell it and hope to own it for only a few weeks more. So we're going to sell some things that we don't need to bring with us.

We went to a barbecue this evening, and now we're back home where Marc and Jeff are in the kitchen making signs to put up tomorrow for the sale. It's so funny to listen to and watch.

Marc's drawing the signs and then critiquing them. Jeff, smart man that he is, just said something like, "That's the best looking garage sale sign I've ever seen."

Well, it's soon time for bed. We want to be awake around 6am (on a Sunday! Ick!), so we can be set up over there early. The garage sale nuts kooks crazies aficionados are out early, so we need to be ready for them.

I can't wait until we own just one house!

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