Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Vaccinations, pommes frites and puppet sex

Another fun day! We headed into Manhattan. Our first stop was at my new workplace, so I could get some shots.

It's comforting for me, actually, that I had to go for these. When I went for my pre-employment physical, we discussed various vaccinations, including Hepatitis-B. I told them that I'd had that series, but the last time I had it checked, I hadn't developed sufficient immunity levels for it (that happens sometimes). So they drew blood to check my titer levels. They found that I did, indeed, need another round of that vaccine, as well as needing a new Rubella shot and another Varicella (that's chickenpox) shot. I'd never had these diseases (thankfully!), but I'd had the vaccines before.

So I went in yesterday, and they gave me the rubella and varicella. Hepatitis-B we'll start again next week. That one is a series of shots, but it's important to do. Large numbers of healthcare workers contract Hepatitis-B every year. While I have limited patient contact, why take a risk?

Anyhow, after that stop, we went to a favorite snack place, Pommes Frites. They do fried potatoes in a way that's hard to do justice to in words (but I'll try). :) They fry them twice, with the second step being a high-temperature flash-fry that makes them nice and crispy on the outside.

With the fries, you have a choice of many different sauces. I never counted, but there must be about three dozen varieties, including the basic "frites sauce" which is part of this Belgian approach to fries. Actually, I believe the whole "French" fries thing is really Belgian. They're irresistibly delicious!

So we had a nice, unhealthy snack at Pommes Frites and then walked back to the subway to head back to the West Village. Once there, we went for a nice walk and checked out a few of the unusual shops you can't find in most neighborhoods. ;)

Having seen enough sex toys and dirty greeting cards to last quite a while, we then decided that we'd better get something more substantial to supplement our fries before heading to the Broadway show we were seeing. So we headed to Lemongrass Grill for Thai food.

After that, we made a stop at Macy's Herald Square and bought some ties (they have a great selection) before heading to the show.

The show we saw was Avenue Q. Brad and Bob bought tickets to the show for all four of us. I won't go into the whole plot of the thing. I'll just say it was silly fun. One thing to its credit is that it managed to have some catchy tunes that weren't ripped off from some old show. There's so little good, original work on Broadway these days. Can you tell that I'm pretty well burned out on musicals?

Oh, and this was my second exposure to puppet sex in two days. That's more than enough! Sunday night, we watched Team America: World Police, a truly twisted film. That and this show contained puppets having sex. It really was more than I needed to see! :)

But as long as we're on this subject, I want to say something. If anyone can get a message to one of the stars of Avenue Q, Barrett Foa, please give him the following message: Barrett, honey, as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit.

What? Too forward? ;)

And don't worry. I'll share him with Marc! :)


Zeitzeuge said...

First off Pomme Frites are the BEST!

Secondly, so is Avenue Q. You haven't lived until you've seen puppets have sex, that's for sure

Greg said...

I saw Team America (again) on Memorial Day; we were laughing our asses off during the puppet sex scene.

As for Avenue Q....I don't think that was too forward at all. Not after taking a look at the man.....

Wayne said...

Sexy Toys, then Puppet Sex.

Yeah, I can't wait to see the UNCUT version of Team America.

Tuna Girl said...

Having seen Avenue Q with the original cast (I love you John Tartaglia! I have some gay friends I can set you up with.) I was worried that I would be dissapointed with the replacement guy when I take my husband to see the show this summer.

So, hot damn! Your comment about the new guy makes me smile.

Mr. H.K. said...

Ya gotta see Doubt & Pillowman if you want to see some GREAT original theater on Broadway... There are some great new musicals too... But it sounds like you don't likwe musicals lately!

Pomme Frites Rock!

Andy said...

Some people are so cute they make me want to crawl into a cave and hide my hideous self in shame.

Jess said...

Andy, don't be silly. You're pretty hot yourself!

T. Johnston said...

Love AvenueQ... such a fun time!

SAMerican Revolution said...

I am so jealous of your fabulous NY life! Potatoes, plays, and puppetsex??