Monday, June 20, 2005

It looks like a small dog exploded

Ah, yes, summer is upon us. As I gaze at the carpet in front of me, I see piles of fur. Mandy is doing the most shedding at the moment, but they all drop fur as the temperatures rise.

As hard as it is to vacuum enough to keep ahead of them, at times like this it's impossible. Mandy was just scratching herself, and I could see the fur coming off her as she did. *sigh*

Imagine if we didn't have air conditioning! They'd scratch and shed themselves bald!


Skippy said...

I think our dog (chocolate lab) has shed at least 3 dogs full of fur. I have NO idea where he is getting it all from!


David said...

We are getting little piles of fur throughout the house. So I'll vaccum, and then one hour later, another pile of fur piles up. I don't understand. I think Socks is bringing some of his in from outside. There is not way such a small dog as that much fur.

Greg said...

Maybe you should vacuum the dogs?

Mr. H.K. said...

Yes, I have little white hairs all over me these days... And it's not ALL coming from my scalp!

Mr. HK
Postcards from Hell's Kitchen

Marc said...

Greg, we have tried vacuuming them...but it doesn't seem to work that way. We have used every attachment, from the brush to the crevice tool (eewww...the thought that just went through my head!) and it doesn't seem to make a difference...she still sheds like crazy. It's nuts.