Friday, June 10, 2005

One week down

It was a good week. It was very busy and hectic, but I loved it.

My new boss said, "you've really had a trial by fire this week." It was only Wednesday when he said that. It was just that kind of week. He also said things like, "Your experience really shows."

There was a big multi-hospital, multi-network meeting this morning. He couldn't make it, so he sent me on behalf of our network.

The new schedule has taken some adjustment. I get up at 5:30am now. If I don't start so early, parking at the train station is impossible. The good part of it is that I get into the office nice and early, and my boss likes that. It also helps me keep tabs on things as the morning begins, since I'm there before anyone else.

Another nice thing is that I'm not in one of those situations where I'm regularly expected to stay late. I will stay a little late, often enough, but that's up to me.

Working in Greenwich Village, I've had access to great services, businesses, etc., including a virtually limitless supply of great places to eat. It's nice not to eat crap for lunch, as I've had to do at other places I've worked.

The first week of my new job is done, and I hope there are many more great weeks, months and years ahead.


T. Johnston said...

You survived! I think your man needs to take you out and celebrate or a back rub.. what the hell, BOTH!

Faustus, MD said...

I got to "5:30" and couldn't read any more.

Bruce said...

Please excuse my tardiness in this ... CONGRATULATIONS!!!