Thursday, June 30, 2005

Random stuff

When you shake your ass,
They notice fast,
Some mistakes were built to last...

Oh, but George, honey, when it's an ass like yours, there's no mistake in pouring it into tight jeans and shaking it for us.

Can you tell that I was listening to George Michael's Freedom on the way home this evening? I do love that iPod.

So, on to other things. Yesterday, I was reading an article in the Times, Conservatives to Seek Voters' Support for Commandments. In it, Charles Colson is quoted as saying that the Supreme Court's decision on separation of church and state--one in which the Court didn't even take the hard line to maintain the separation that it should have (IMHO)--was "so outrageous."

I think it says a lot that a leader in the conservative Christian movement is a convicted felon. He found God? Well, that's nice, but what about the good, honest people who haven't been to prison? I know it may make me sound boring, but I just haven't done time. This is a man who committed crimes that undermined the very integrity of the American political process, and anyone is supposed to care what he thinks is right?

On another subject, I got an e-mail today pointing me to the campaign of Bob Casey. After doing a little research on him, I found that I don't agree with all of his political views. Also, he's not from my state. Even so, I may donate money to his campaign. Why? Because he's running to unseat Senator Rick Santorum. If he were working to have Santorum drawn and quartered, that would work for me, too.

If you want to help, then go here and click on the "Donate" link.

Now, it's time to go do some housework. Yes, I live an exciting life! :)

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MzOuiser said...

Some of these christians are an embarrassment to Christianity. The very fact that seperation of church and state is being threatened just makes me nauseous.

Makes me want to scrub my floors clean too. And then take a hot shower. *shudder*