Sunday, June 05, 2005

Give me a break

Her daughter was a temporary lesbian, seen by many at the time as a phony who was just a social climber. Her late husband was a Baptist minister who died of AIDS early in the epidemic, apparently contracted as a result of his closeted gay activities.

So she knows the way to salvation? Give me a break.

Try this one on for size, Ms. Heche: God made us this way. So stop being so self-righteous and judgmental, and see if you can tend to making your own life better. Our lives are just fine. If God didn't want gays around, he'd stop making gay people!


Update: This may be nothing new, but I just found it. Plus, it's funny and on point. Check this out: Parents & Friends of Ex-Straights: Help for the Hopeless Hetero! Perfect. :)


Steve said...

Don't shit on God for gays.

Jase said...

You tell her!

Jess said...

wikilog, if that's supposed to be some homophobic comment, you could at least try to make sense. Your comment doesn't. No one is doing anything to God, and anyone with any respect for God would know that. Hatred for any His children doesn't show Him respect, so if that's an issue for you then I shouldn't expect you to have respect for Him either.