Saturday, June 18, 2005

More on the bus people

There's no fabulous story to go with the last post. Really, I was just making an observation. I rode on city buses a couple of times this week, and you can't help but see some interesting examples of humanity when you do that. For some reason, the variety seemed different than the usual assortment of folks I see on my daily subway rides.

There was the nun in a billowing all-black head-to-toe habit, with all kinds of chains and a HUGE gold cross hanging from her waist.

There was the middle-aged woman who was dressed like a little schoolgirl of old, with her hair in pigtails.

Then there is the usual cross-section of humanity that you find in New York City. Just hop on a bus, and you see it all. Well, except for the Arab terrorists, because they're driving the cabs. ;)

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Andy said...

At least on the bus you don't get panhandlers or homeless people taking up four seats, since you have to pay to get on.

I think buses need to start stopping at LEAST every third block instead of every two, but even better would be every 5 blocks. I mean, even then, the farthest you'd have to walk would be two blocks to a stop. That would make the buses able to travel soooooo much faster, I think.

Furthermore, they really needd to enforce the "rear door exit" policy better.